" … The intensity of colours and vitality - this style was simply so different compared to all other maritime paintings we had seen before ..."

 During our last visit of the INTERBOOT fair, my wife and I suddenly stopped in front of one of the exhibited paintings at Arno F. Dirksen's stand. The large-sized motif "Out of the Blue /[Aus dem Blau]" attracted both of us likewise. The intensity of colours and vitality -  this style was simply so different compared to all other maritime paintings we had seen before.

To our surprise the artist offered to create a new painting in our preferred style, yet in a format which would perfectly fit to our indivudell living spaces. Back at home we took measure and substantiated our conceptions. Only some weeks later the artist presented the custom-made painting. And what should we say: it was just perfect - truely an eye-catcher! We instantly fell in love with "our" painting. Since then we enjoy this bright flush of colours every day and keep discovering new details  out of the blue of the sky and the sea.


- Revelation of the painting which was a present of his wife Stefanie and friends for the passionate sailor Guido Hensel at his 50th birthday.

- The painting at its designated location.






How about your personal dream painting?
Choose motif and format yourself!

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang and Julia Distler, Dresden, May 2009

The periodical „Yacht“ first called our attention to Arno Dirksen’s paintings. Our curiosity aroused, we visited his booth at the „boot“ fair in Düsseldorf, at the end of January 2009.
For quite a while, we had been looking for a large-sized painting suitable for the living room wall in our Dresden mansion. Being avid sailors, we wished for a contemporary piece with a maritime subject that would add a modern touch to our listed building. We were immediately thrilled by Arno Dirksen’s exhibit, by his choice of motifs and colours, by the vivacity and expressiveness of his works. We felt sure to have met „our“ painter.
To resolve about motif, format, and colouring, we followed Arno Dirksen’s suggestion to project some motifs that he sent us by email with a beamer onto the wall – an excellent idea!Enthusiastically we opted for a piece titled „Lightness of Being“. Arno Dirksen painted for us the „New Lightness“, considerably larger and in its colouring surprisingly well tuned to the ambience. The artist had perfectly empathized with the description of our house, our wishes and conceptions.
Now our „dream painting“ is up on the wall, to our and our family’s and friends’ delight.
We look forward to visiting Arno Dirksen at the next „boot“ fair hoping to partake in his further career: may many more art lovers „discover“ him!

The motif of our choice:                                                       Our „dream painting“ on the wall:


Boat designer and shipyard owner Josef Martin from Radolfzell (Lake of Constance),

renowned aficionado and design engineer of classically elegant yachts

I bought this painting six years ago. A totally spontaneous acquisition – as it always happens to me with things that appeal to me. Either they suit me or they don't. Doesn't make sense to ponder...

The painting enthused me instantly, because it radiates an incredible dynamic and makes me fell a suspense as in the start of a race of eights. That's absolute power and aesthetics at the same time.

The colour composition is expressive and rich in contrast, I find it superb; also the technique is unusual and makes the painting very special.

Would I be in the same situation as six years ago, I'd buy it immediately again – if I didn't have it already...

I've made an appointment already for another visit to Arno Dirksen's studio, to see what new there is for my collection, and I can only recommend other art lovers to do the same.


Engineer Heinrich Hajek, owner of a company in Bregenz, Austria,

who in October 2004 commissioned several large-scale paintings for the decoration of his private swimming pool:

At the Interboot 2002, Arno Dirksen's large-sized sailing paintings appealed to me instantly and roused a spontaneous desire to have the walls of my pool decorated by him. The completion of the pool had stagnated for quite a while for lack of convincing design ideas.

Another two fairs had to pass till Arno Dirksen and I finally reached an agreement on the project. Imagine how surprised I was when only eight weeks after our contract he invited me to view the finished paintings! And in his studio, a perfect surprise was waiting for me:

I didn't believe my eyes. The painting differed greatly from Dirksen's works that I had seen before: what he had created here was a primeval phantasy landscape in strong expressive colous! The triptych was completely different from what I ha expected, but it was good, it was excellent, and I knew right away: now my pool will be completed!

Ever since I have enjoyed these paintings whenever I look from my living room into the pool area, where they enrich my home with their warm and luminous colours and give joie de vivre and strength to my workday. I would commission Arno Dirksen with this project any time again and can only recommend to any art lover in search of something really special to study Dirksen's spirited work at the Interboot or hanseboot fairs, or right away in his studio in Überlingen.